Hosting Benefits

  • No cost (aside from light snacks) to the host agency other than tuition costs
  • Host agency receives up to 3 free tuitions based on total paid students.
    Please refer to the FAQS Page for detailed information.
  • The free tuitions may be used for current or future Solutions for First Responders, LLC
    training courses
  • Host agency personnel may eliminate or reduce training and travel costs
  • Host agency can customize any course offered based on their needs

Hosting Requirements

  • Provide a classroom that can accommodate 24 students, seated in table groups (4)
    Cost of renting a classroom is the responsibility of the Host Agency
  • Provide a projector, screen, and speakers for room size
  • Provide light snacks
  • Provide marketing to surrounding agencies such as training managers, etc.

What will Solutions for First Responders, LLC provide

  • A certified instructor or Master Instructor to facilitate every course
  • Manage registrations, collecting course fees and administrative duties
  • Complete all certificates of completion for each student
  • Advertise on our website
  • Manage all travel and expenses for instructors

Solutions for First Responders, LLC WILL NOT do the following:

  • Provide a lecture based course of instruction
  • All courses are designed and presented using facilitation methods towards student-centered learning
  • Teach from ALL PowerPoint slides
  • Instructors are experts in the field and familiar with course content. They do not read from PowerPoint

If your agency meets the hosting requirements, please click on the button below