What are the costs for each course?

Course fees can be located on each course flyer or will be listed for each course upon scheduling. We will always do our best to keep the course fees reasonable per student or department-wide.

Will Solutions for First Responders, LLC provide department-wide training?

YES! Solutions for First Responders, LLC will work with you to develop a department-wide or bureau training schedule that meets your needs. This option may occur with daily or multiple day training sessions. Costs can be arranged per student, day to day, or multiple training days (whole training package cost).

To reduce training costs, consider Joint training with other agencies or a fire / EMS agency. Some courses are enhanced with law enforcement and fire personnel training together.

Please contact us for any questions or to discuss training costs.

How many free spots are available for a hosting agency?

Host agencies receive one free tuition for every 8 paid students. A total of 3 free tuitions are available for each course. Other arrangements may be considered. Please contact us for any questions.

Do you provide training courses on weekends or during alternate hours?

YES! Solutions for First Responders, LLC will present courses (8 hours) anytime between 8am to midnight. Shorter courses or customized courses may be presented as needed. If training is being provided to one agency as department-wide training, then alternate hours of instruction may occur as necessary to accomplish the task.

Weekend courses are always welcome if the local area has a demand for it.

Are all instructors experts in the field of instruction?

Yes! Solutions for First Responders, LLC will only send expert instructors for each course. The instructors are all Master level instructors through California POST. No course will ever be taught by an instructor who is not an expert in the specific course content.

Would you explain what teaching style is used by Solutions for First Responders, LLC

All instructors provide facilitation methods, unless the agencies specifically requests a lecture-based course (we will always attempt to agree with facilitation over lecture based training). We do not lecture and do not agree with the “death by PowerPoint” philosophy. Instructors will keep each student engaged and provide them with new knowledge, skills and attitude.

Is there a minimum number of employees that I must send to a course?

NO! You may send 1 student, or as many as possible based on availability. If you have a large number of students, then contact us directly to arrange accommodations.

Are there any payment options available if the course is near the end of a fiscal year?

YES! Solutions for First Responders, LLC has the first priority to educate public safety and the community members. We will work with you or your agency to determine the best payment method to ensure each student can attend the course. Contact us directly to arrange accommodations.

Can the public attend any of the courses offered?

YES and NO! Solutions for First Responders, LLC provides courses that are designed for both public safety and community members. All public safety courses are open to public safety personnel. Community members may attend courses that are specifically designed for community members. If you are not sure, please contact us and we will discuss each request.

Will Solutions for First Responders, LLC develop courses for public or private entities?

Absolutely! The Owner and employees are California POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) Master Instructors. To obtain this highly distinguished rating, Master Instructors are well versed in conducting Training Needs Assessments, research, surveys, interviews, etc. to create a Total Training Package for your company or training needs. The course will be developed for your in-house instructors or we can provide the instructors to facilitate the course to your employees. Contact Solutions for First Responders, LLC for any of your training needs. Please refer to the “Services” section under “Course Design” for detailed information.

Is there a dress code?

Although no strict dress code exists, it is encourages that all students dress in business or business casual attire. Shorts and open toe shoes are highly discouraged.

What is the refund policy?

All cancellations received 2 weeks prior to the course start date will receive a 100% full refund. Any cancellations received within 2 weeks of the course start date will not be eligible for a refund. We understand unforeseen circumstances and will always work towards a mutual agreement. Any missed course by a student may be allowed to attend a future course.