Agitated Chaotic Events / Excited Delirium
Recognition – Response – Management


Cost: $2500 per course-Day (Department Training) | $150.00 per student (Agency Hosting)
(24 student maximum) | Course length and topic can be customized to fit your agency needs

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John Tinder has over 30 years of law enforcement experience and is a court recognized expert in Police Policy and Practices, Use of Force, Less Lethal Weapons, and TASER. John is a certified Contact and Control Wheelchair Instructor, and a certified Instructor in the Recognition, Prevention, Management, and Investigation of Excited Delirium and Agitated Chaotic Events and in the Recognition and Response to Agonal Breathing / Breathing Issues.  John is a Senior Master Instructor for Axon (formerly Taser International), a certified Arrest-Related and In-Custody Death Investigative Specialist, and a Taser Forensic Analyst and Evidence Collection Specialist. John is also a California POST Master Instructor and an instructor for the California POST Instructor Development Institute and the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigations.


To provide your organization with the best practices and most updated information as it relates to Excited Delirium, Mental Illness and Arrest-Related Death incidents. This course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize, respond and manage these types of highly litigated incidents. Techniques to effectively identify, communicate and de-escalate situations involving people with mental illness are included.

Each attendee will receive a course book that contains response protocols, synthetic drug information, and resources.

The following Training Topics are included in the course:

  • Excited Delirium Overview
  • Agitated Chaotic Event (A.C.E.)
  • History
  • Definitions
  • Dispatcher Role
  • ACEP Paper
  • Terminology
  • Tenacity / Perception
  • Categorical Causes & Presentation
  • Phases of Excited Delirium
  • Who is at risk?
  • Pre-Disposing Factors
  • Behavioral Cues
  • Action Plan
  • Agonal Breathing
  • Mental Illness
  • Synthetic Drugs
  • PIO or Spokesperson
  • Legal Counsel
  • Stakeholders